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How to Join a College Honor Society


You want to have an incredible college experience. You've got your major, your classes for next semester and your dorm or apartment furnished. You are looking at extracurricular activities, resume builders, and a college honor society.

You have a full class load, part-time job, and you are asking yourself should I join a college honor society? To be honest, you don't know how to join a college honor society. You haven't seen postings around campus as you do for student organizations. You aren't the only one.

According to the National Honor Society, over a million students have joined honor societies in over 100 years. If you are thinking you want to be a member of honor society, pay attention.

Looking to join a college honor society but don't know where to begin? We've got a guide with all the information you need.

How to Join a College Honor Society

We're sharing great insights on a college honor society and how to join one.You will want to go to the search engine here on the campus site so that you are aware of what honor societies we offer that may interest you. We may have chapters for national honor societies as well.You will want to research what each of the honor societies does and how they may benefit you. Get to know some people that are already in the society to see if the society may be a great fit.

Many honor societies do not issue invitations or referrals until you are a Sophomore. During your first year in college, you will want to prepare yourself by talking to advisors and meeting the grade requirements. You will want to increase your chances by participating in extracurricular activities and community service.

You will want to be familiar with what honor societies exist at your school. Many honor societies are invitation or referral based only. You will want to be of what the honor society does and how it may benefit you.You will want to be aware of the requirements for grade point averages and community service so you are prepared if you are invited and choose to join

  1. Research Societies


You will want to learn about honor societies here on campus that you will love to be a part of. You will want to know how they may benefit you both during your time on campus and after you graduate. You will want to ask several questions to determine if an honor society is a right fit for you. What leadership opportunities do they offer? What community service? What is the time commitment? What are the dues? 

You will want to get first-hand knowledge from someone that is already in one that interests you. You will want to get involved on campus and network. A great idea is to check with your advisor or dean of your department.

  1. Prepare Yourself

If you decide you want to join a college honor society, you want to prepare yourself. Be familiar with the requirements and exceed them to increase your chances. Being a part of an honor society is a great way to stay accountable with your grades. Due to the requirements of membership, it will require you to keep a high standard for your grades. You want to continue to network on campus. You want to grow your leadership skills with student organizations or community service. Think of who would be great for your recommendation letters.Taking these steps will not only increase your chances of acceptance to an honor society but also improve your resume for the future.

  1. Submit Requirements

If you get the invitation or referral your Sophomore year, congrats! If you don't, don't lose hope! Many get their invitations in their Junior or Senior year.If you received your invitation, you will want to make sure you complete the application and double-check it. You will want to make sure you get your transcript with your grades well in advance.

By now, likely you have prepared who you are going to ask for your recommendation letters. You want to get them the forms or letter requirements as soon as possible. Keep in mind your professors, advisors, and employers have many things to do. The sooner you let them know the better.Being a part of an honor society may be a great way to enrich your college experience in many ways. It will bring you around people who are likely passionate about many of the same things you are too.Like other student experiences, the community and network you create may serve you after college and for a lifetime. 

Join a College Honor Society

Being a part of a student experience like a college honor society will set you apart. Right away, it says to your future employer as someone who takes things seriously.It shows you take your grades seriously and exposes you to countless leadership and community service opportunities. These opportunities are priceless. Anyone who prioritizes leadership and contribution is someone people want to be around. You will stand out as someone who is a great team player, highly motivated, and a leader.

Make it a point to experience college to the fullest. Immerse yourself in incredible learning experiences, extracurricular activities and community service. If you find an honor society that is a great fit for you during your time on campus and in the future, we highly recommend you join one as well.

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