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Credit Card Machines – Are Traditional Machines The Only Machine?


As consumers, we are excessively used to the idea of using the debit or credit card to pay for shopping that we hardly think what goes behind the credit card machine once you swipe the card. We all relate to the feel when the cashier swipes the card, and we wait that he doesn’t say any bad news (yes, the fear of card being rejected is real!)

On the contrary, this entire process is highly integral for business owners because the credit card terminal poses huge strokes in the retaining of the bottom line. When it comes to credit card processing, you need to ensure what’s best for your business through the information gain. In this article, we have shaped up everything you need to know about different types of credit card terminals. So, have a look!

Types of Credit Card Terminals and Machines

The credit card payment process seems similar in every outlet you go to, but the machine is different in most cases. Choosing the right credit card machine helps in gaining accurate information and send it over for processing. Over the last couple of years, we have come across multiple types of machines with different features in their hardware. So, choose one that suits your business needs!

Portable Credit Card Machines

Having a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is very common in every electronic appliance, and credit card machines are no different. With the Wi-Fi reading feature, the signals are transmitted to the store router while in case of a cellular connection, the information passes from device to base stations and is progressed to the internet.

However, these machines tend to require a power source for optimal running. In some cases, there are rechargeable batteries. Multiple options are available to ensure flexibility to the user. However, no wonder if you are opting for battery or wired one, you need to have strengthened internet connection.

Traditional Credit Card Terminal

Every credit card machine needs to have an active internet connection for information processing. You might think that we are talking about a certain shape or size while talking about the traditional credit card machine, but in fact, the traditional ones are connected to the internet with a wired connection. Some of these have a built-in receipt printer along with a connection to the point-of-sale system.

Smart Terminals

These credit card terminals tend to have the higher processing power and have built-in printers. Also, they are wireless terminals, and in some cases, there are touchpad displays that can capture the signature. In some cases, there is a scanner without being big for a fist. In other words, smart terminals become handheld devices, so you can walk around and take the payments!

Debit Card Machine

Credit cards can be heavy on the pocket as compared to debit cards. This is why some retail owners tend to have a debit card machine. The debit card charge can be run through the debit method or credit method, but in any case, the charging fee will be different. With the debit method, the charging fee shall be different as you’d pay the credit charges. In terms of outlook, debit card machines are similar to credit card machines with a PIN pad.