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Allergies and Contact Lenses

Allergy season is upon us, and you might feel tempted to hide indoors as a contact lens user. But worry not! With proper care, there can be plenty of opportunities to enjoy this Winter Wonderland.

Here are a few useful tips and tricks to protect yourself as a contact lens wearer from the constant assault of allergies.

Carry Lots of Supplies

You will need to be ready for the first sign of irritation during allergy season. The relentless assault requires you stock up on the basics:

In extreme cases, you may want a spare pair of glasses handy. It’s more important to see after all.

We wish we could tell you there’s a foolproof way to avoid all allergens and survive the season unscathed. Unfortunately, you’re going to have good and bad days. These basics give you the opportunity to adjust based on comfort level. Minor irritation may just require cleaning, but particularly bad days may require more aggressive measures.

Learn About Your Allergies

Do the best you can to learn about what causes your allergies. This way, you avoid situations that trigger allergies. Maybe pack a face mask on days with high pollen counts or high wind speeds.

Get familiar with 5-day forecasts, as they dictate your life during allergy season. You can also have a doctor test for allergies, especially with children. However, it’s possible to grow out of allergies while new ones can set in at any point.

Practice Excellent Hygiene

Allergies mean a lot of runny noses, and there are coughing and other symptoms that leave us in desperate need of a hand washing. For those who wear contact lenses, this is both a pro and a con. You should wash your hands frequently when handling contacts, but especially during allergy season. It prevents leaving allergens behind, which traps them on your body while you sleep and irritates your senses.

Hygiene also applies to your living and working spaces. Be extra conscious of things like dust or pet hair buildup, as those can aggravate allergies. Frequent vacuuming is a must.

Carry Medications

Today, proper medications manage allergens and the worst of symptoms. Make sure you stock up, and keep some close at hand. It’s worth it to buy extras to keep in your car, purse, backpack, and anywhere else you’re likely to need medication. Make it your mantra to not leave home without your allergy meds.