This comment was written by Ryan on 9 Feb 2020.

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Recovered my funds

It was a bad Experience for me. I invested all my life savings hoping to get more profit from FXTRADE.COM, it all seem so genuine at the beginning so i kept paying in, i paid a total amount of $350,000, cause even while i tried withdrawing as at $200,000, they convinced me that there was a bonanza on and the more i invest the more my profits increases(profit was about $2million) after paying in a total of $350,000 i wasnt able to get my money back, both capital and profit for more than a year, i kept seeking solution until i came across FASTFUNDSRECOVERY @ PROTONMAIL .COM on quora, who were able to Recover about $320,000 back to my account. I”m eternally grateful to them….. and i quit anything that has to do online.

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