What are the Best Subwoofers of 2017

What Are The Best Subwoofers of 2017

If anyone asked about what’s the most effective affordable solution to add bass with a small stereo, home theatre, or computer subwoofer, I’d let them know to buy a Monoprice 9723 subwoofer. The 9723 emerged because the clear favorite after 20 hours of testing by our Southern California panel of audio experts, including extensive blind comparisons with 12 other subwoofers below $300. Priced a little bit over $100 plus shipping during the time of writing, the Monoprice 9723 is usually an incredible bargain. It delivers powerful, well-defined bass notes that will shake your couch slightly and make movies and music sound increased amounts of satisfaction and realistic. Put using a Kanye West recording and you’ll feel most of that colossal thump you’d get which has a high-end, custom-installed head unit. Put over a Diana Krall CD and you’ll clearly hear the subtle growl and groove of her band’s big double bass.

The 9723 includes a 12-inch woofer, an amp rated at 150 watts of continuous power, along with a price under many less capable 8-inch subwoofers. Curved sides and conical feet allow it to be look relatively nice to get a subwoofer, although at 17 by 17.25 by 17.5 inches, it might be somewhat too big for a few spaces. It’s also easy to get in touch to most audio systems. You can connect it between amp along with your speakers, regarding the computer plus your powered computer speakers, or the subwoofer production of a home cinema system. Simply put, it might make a typical set of small speakers sound like a pair of big speakers, helping to make the 9723 probably the wisest investment if you’re aiming to upgrade the sound of a little audio system.

even under some couches. It can also be attached directly into a wall employing an included mounting system. Yet which has a beefy 10-inch woofer along with a 100-watt amp, it's enough capacity to work well in a very modest home cinema system, or within a stereo system with bookshelf speakers.Moreover, There are many Best 8 inch Subwoofer under 100 USD.

What’s a subwoofer?

subwoofer is often a speaker specifically made to reproduce bass (the deep looks like the low notes on the pipe organ). You combine it with an existing pair of (usually small) speakers to provide your system more bass and, potentially, a greater maximum volume. A sub could be of the same brand because your main speakers or possibly a different brand; except inside a few specialized, high-end systems, there’s no technical benefits of buying a sub of the identical brand.

How we picked

For this short article, we chose to limit the utmost price to $300. We figured that had been the most a friendly listener would like to pay to feature bass with a small stereo or home cinema system. Also, we seen that even though there are various subs priced lower than $300, very little one reviews them; audio websites usually focus on models costing $500 or over, as those are the types audio enthusiasts tend to get.

With few reviews to go by and little evaluations with inexpensive subs, we knew the only solution to find the top under-$300 subwoofer would have been to call in as much as we could get and execute a blind listening test—along with taking some lab measurements that I’ll discuss shortly.

We started by scouring Amazon, Crutchfield, Monoprice, Parts Express, as well as other sites that sell inexpensive subwoofers to produce a spreadsheet of all models we might find. However, this proved confusing, because some manufacturers and websites listed models that went back in terms of about ten years. That’s okay, because subwoofer technology doesn’t change as soon as, say, TV technology. Still, we didn’t would like to bother with something that might have been discontinued, so I contacted each of the companies that offer under-$300 subs to learn what models remain current and that they might have readily available for testing.