Weaving Our Story

How Our Story Came Together

Wondering who might be the next Ken Burns? the next Lynn Novick? You might find her at St. John’s Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas, where seventh grade students are hooked by history when they dive deep into family stories. Students conduct an oral history interview of an older family member and use that new knowledge as a point of departure to research and produce a short historical documentary film.  As students share their learning with each other, we have experienced how time has intertwined the individual threads of history, revealing the ways in which our perspectives complement and challenge one another. Explore how these individual stories are woven together to tell a larger one:  OUR STORY at St. John's.

Begin your journey by FOLLOWING THE THREADS to explore exhibits built around the rich connections between and among family stories.  Or, learn to WEAVE YOUR OWN STORIES by visiting the Weaving Our Story blog geared toward teachers wanting to embark on a similar project.  Interested in other stories? EXPLORE THE ARCHIVE to see the complete collection the stories that make us St. John's.

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