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Annual Matriculation fees at Cambridge University

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Excerpt: "The matriculation fees of new students are paid on the second day of each term on the registering of their names. The fees are as diverse as the rank of the student. Noblemen pay £16, almost $30; a Fellow-Commoner, £12, more than $50; a Pensioner, £5 10s., or $26; and the very Sizer himself pays £1 5s., or $6. On these, however, there is a government tax and the fees of registry."

Notes: "Sizer" is a term used to identify charity students at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. While not yet included in the OED, it can be found via searches in Google Books.

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Contained in: "Letters From Europe, No. XIX," The Millennial Harbinger, Vol. 5, No. 1
Location: p. 15

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