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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Title: Illustrated history of McDonald
County, Missouri: from the earliest settlement to the present time

Author: Sturges, J. A.

Publication date: 1897(it only tells the


Title: 1849-1949, 100 years of history and
progress, McDonald county, Missouri

Author: Noel, Mo., Joe Taylor

Publication date: 1949(it only tells the

Title: The McDonaldization thesis
[electronic resource] : explorations and extensions

Author: Ritzer, George

Publication date: 1998(it only tells the

Part B

Ad: You deserve a break today

              McDonald’s advertisement ‘You deserve a break today’ had been around mostly for 1970's and
1980's, depending on each country where this advertisement was used. I found
this advertisement interesting because it was appealing something different
which they probably would not do so as much today. Their importance of this advertisement
was on the ’cleanliness’ of McDonald’s, particularly the inside of their
restaurant. I selected this as a representative advertisement for McDonald’s
because the slogan ‘You deserve a break today’ was used relatively in many
countries such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, and
Hong Kong. In this period of time, McDonald’s had probably tried to push and
instill the clean image into the audiences as they expanded more and more. They
established their own marketing department in order to create this
advertisement and reach more audiences across the world. Considering their
emphasis of the advertisement, I believe that people at this era tended to regard
cleanliness as important.


Ad: Smile

McDonald’s advertisement ‘Smile’ had been used since 2001 to 2003. I found this
advertisement interesting because although this slogan does not seem to have
been used that much around the world apart from the USA and few other
countries, it seems like the advertisement clearly represents where McDonald’s
came from. Yet my opinion may be controversial, I believe that this
advertisement utilizes such an American particular way of promotion. Yet ‘smile’
can be the universal object, the advertisement, from my perspective as an
international student, still pushes one of American characteristics, the sense
of happiness and cheerfulness as the message.


Ad: I’m lovin’ it

McDonald’s’ advertisement ‘I’m loving’ it’ has been around since 2003. I find this
advertisement very interesting because it is just extremely popular and catchy
yet it is such a simple and easy phrase. I selected this as a representative
advertisement for McDonald’s because the image of McDonald’s is now completely
stuck to the advertising slogan that everyone almost all over the world
recognizes McDonald’s immediately when they hear or see it. Along with the fact
that this advertising slogan was released universally around the world at the
same period of time, I believe that this advertising slogan emphasizes for
audiences that McDonald’s has expanded its range all across the world and has
been everyone’s favorite worldwide today. That being said, the audience of the
advertisement as a target has been people all over the world, and people were
greatly interested in this advertisement because they use one of the most popular
Justin Timberlake’s songs called ‘I’m lovin’ it’ for the advertisement.


Part C

I believe that Betty Dickson would essentially
react positively towards the advertisements of McDonald’s I selected yet
Dickson would probably advise them to emphasize the “convenience” more. As
mentioned in chapter three: “Convenience with a Capital ‘C’”, even in the 1950's,
nearly 38% of American women were leaving the home to work, and women greatly needed help. I believe that Dickson would agree that if McDonald’s had added more
of the “convenient” aspect to their advertisements such as ‘You deserve a break
today’ in addition to the appeal of cleanliness, for example, the advertisement
would have been even more effective since there was already an enormous need
for convenient food. I believe that the other two advertisements I selected, ‘Smile’
and ’I’m lovin’ it’ which were released after a quite long period of time, derived
after McDonald’s already got to the position where people across the world regard
McDonald’s as one of the most convenient options. Therefore, adding another
value such as happiness, cheerfulness, and "catchiness" through these
advertisements as the company trajectory would be reasonable and comprehensible
for Betty Dickson because Dickson’s biggest emphasis was on the convenience
which people all over the world fully appreciate today.

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