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Best Ways to Handle Procrastination in College

Procrastination is one of the leading time and productivity thieves you need to hunt down and lynch to death. If you spare it, its continued existence in your study life will grind down and kill not just your ability to tackle assignments effectively, but also your future dreams. Education coach from WritemyPaper4Me shares the following strategies to help you deal with this traditional enemy of your productivity and efficiency in college.

Best Ways to Handle Procrastination in College 

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are some of the leading causes of procrastination among college students. You stand very high chances of procrastinating any task you are not focused on. For instance, if you spend too much time on your social media accounts, it is needful to switch them off whenever you are working on your assignments. If television is your biggest distraction, you have to save yourself trouble by studying away from it or switch it off if you are in the room alone. Therefore, it is important to sit down and analyze the distractions you are most vulnerable to and then device practical way of eliminating or avoiding them during your study time.

Break Down Large Tasks

The second strategy that will help you to eliminate procrastination is dealing with the bulk of work you handle at a time. When you take a big chunk of work and want to focus on it in one study session, the very size of the projects sends very intimidating messages to your brain. You will receive messages or suggestions like, “This is too big for me to accomplish today…” Of course the obvious escapist question will also arise, “Now, who will do all this job?” With such a mental environment around your studies, you are most vulnerable to procrastination. The biggest problem with this kind of procrastination is that it tells or advises you to postpone the whole assignments including the portions you could have done comfortably had you broken them into manageable pieces.

Study in a Conducive Environment

All studying processes are environmental. Therefore, you ought to designate a proper physical environment to allow you study without distractions. One of the most conducive places you can study from is your school library since concentration and silence are guaranteed there. If you are studying from home, you should choose a dedicated room that is free from all human and nonhuman distractions.

Detect and Resist Your Little and Fancy Excuses

One of the ugliest sides of procrastination is that it comes encapsulated in very tantalizing, “reasonable-looking,” and convincing excuses. These little reasons sound so sweet that you can easily think anyone who tells you to ignore them does not have your happiness at heart. Therefore, it is necessary to sit and get the most frequent voices that usually convince you to abandon an assignment. When you do this, you will be in a better position to know when you are most vulnerable to procrastinate your assignments. Here are some of those little voices:

Have a Work Plan

To slay the dragon of procrastination, it is needful to work with a plan because if you don’t, it will be hard to know what you can reasonably and comfortably manage at a time. When this occurs, you will end up postponing tasks that require immediate attention because they are grouped with more other jobs that could have waited.

Have a Study Buddy

If you know you have “tested positive” for procrastination, it is beneficial to surround yourself with friends who will act as a buffer for accountability. You can share your need with them, give them your study schedule, and allow them to hold you accountable until you finish every assignment on time without excuses.

​​​​​​​Now you have the cure for procrastination. We hope you will apply these remedies and obliterate it from your study life in 2018.