The Silk Roads: Connecting Communities, Markets, and Minds Since Antiquity

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Funerary Sculpture of a Bactrian Camel
China, 700-800, molded earthenware.
The Travels of Marco Polo
1818, printed book.
Map of the Silk Road
From F. von Richthofen (1877), China: Ergebnisse eigener Reisen und darauf gegr√ľndeter Studien.
Modern Reproduction of Central Asian textiles
Silk, Japan, c. 19th cent.
Monkey King and Piggy
Woodblock print.1696 edition.
The Shahnameh
Completed in 833 A.H./A.D. 1430.
Map of Xingqing Palace
Ink rubbing based on an engraved stone stele from 1080.
The Ruins of Palmyra
Printed book.
Horse and Groom
Earthenware from China, 7th-10th cent.
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