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Computational Analysis, Author Attribution, and the Cheap Repository Tracts of the 18th Century

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Dick and Johnny





I’LL live at my pleasure,

And repent at my leisure,

To-day I will banish all sorrow;

My humor I’ll follow,

My bumper I’ll swallow,

And talk of repentance to-morrow.

Thus frolicksome Johnny,

So blith and so bonny,

Roar’d out at our last merry meeting;

But Dick, a dull fellow,

Who never gets mellow,

Cried, Johnny, life’s joys are but fleeting.

Why, you frolicksome youth,

I declare of a truth,

Wicked mirth, such as yours, I despise sir;

Come, give up your drink,

Begin now to think,

Repent, and make haste to be wiser.

Your wisdom is folly,

I hate melancholy,

Quoth John, I’ll repent when I’m older;

There’s a heaven, I’ve heard tell,

And I fear there’s a hell,

So I guzzle to make myself bolder.

With desperate madness,

To drink away sadness,

Quoth Dick, is a terrible blunder;

That a day may be lent us,

Our sins to repent us,

What angel can tell us, I wonder?

Johnny laugh’d, and he swore,

Then he sink on the floor,

Sudden death put an end to the sentence,

Then to-day renounce drinking,

For ’tis bad, to my thinking,

To trust to to-morrow’s repentance.


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