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The Faun of Rome: A Romance

by Oscar Wilde, edited by Nate Maturin

Nate Maturin, Author

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Letter 8: Tafani to Wilde, 4 May 1877

4th May, 1877

Jesus College, Oxford

Dear boy,

I am pleased that you have taken your rustication in good humour, the shock of it notwithstanding. I hear tell that your letter’s eloquence impressed your masters, and that at least the fine will not be so punitive as at first proposed. Of course, the work must still be done, but that is as much for your own benefit sake as for theirs. It would not do to be quite free of all academic rigour for such a long stretch.

I write to you at home, as you instruct, although this letter may precede your arrival there. I should have liked to have caught you at Mr Miles’ and spared you the trouble of your taking your manuscript over on the ferry. A complete volume must run to rather a heavy number of pages! I should like to see them, as they are done, although I cannot say I will mourn for the loss of the second half. There is so much to which you might apply your brilliant wit and quick mind that I think it rather a pity to spend so much <of yourself> on a tale that cannot much improve in the retelling.

I look forward to a greater exposition of the new Gallery, which I hope to visit myself in its infancy. You will not fail to write it up, will you?



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