Colorado Fuel and Iron: Culture and Industry in Southern Colorado

Credits and Acknowledgements

This project was started by Christopher Schreck, former Archives Manager at the Steelworks Center of the West, and continues to be updated and edited by him whenever possible. Much of the information contained in this digital exhibit was provided by staff members and interns from the Steelworks Center and comes from primary source documents held in their archives. Other information was obtained from numerous books that include, but are not limited to, those found on our Books and Other Resources page. This exhibit links to other Scalar projects that were created either by Steelworks Center staff members or CSU-Pueblo history students, the authors of which are noted in those particular pages. For questions, comments, or to submit additional information to be included in this project, please contact Chris Schreck at  

Special acknowledgements should be made to the following people for their contributions and support:

Victoria Miller
Megan Hedberg
Blake Hatton
Tim Hawkins 
Tom Cummins
H. Lee Scamhorn 

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