Technology News Updates: Over-The-Air Technology from Volkswagen

Technology news updates are not only from mobile phones but also cars. Volkswagen is one of the famous car brands in the world. This brand has announced great technology for the future. This brand wants to prove electric cars for the future. You must have heard about electrical technology but this brand wants to make the technology on all components of the car. You can see this technology in 2020. This brand offers a software system update or called over-the-air. This brand says that the technology will also use self-driving entirely in 2025. Brand from Germany has issued three concepts. The concept consists of Buzz ID, Crozz ID SUV, and hatchback ID. The concept is inspired by the ideas that exist on VW Microbus. This is an iconic vehicle that makes you feel amazed by sophisticated technology. SUV and hatchback models will be released in 2020. Buzz will surprise you in 2022. This brand wants to sell one million vehicles with power coming from lithium-ion batteries in 2025. This is indeed a big plan for this company.

The car will get a new electrical system with complicated processing because this car will have an autonomous drive system. The car will offer an autonomous function for the driver. The technology makes this car suitable for human needs in the future. An electric car needs energy coming from a battery so you have to update software called over-the-air. The company is doing a difficult process so you can update the software on your car. If you park your car, then your car does not have energy. E-mobility is the key of this car. There are many possibilities that can happen with this technology.

The concept called ID Crozz has been displayed in Frankfurt. This concept uses four laser sensors on the roof of the car. This concept uses radar and ultrasonic sensors. This technology uses the camera on the side and front. The roof sensor will glow blue when you are using the system. This indicates that other drivers also use autonomous mode. You need not hesitate with autonomous mode because this concept has been testing for a long time. If you want to rest in a car, then an autonomous system can help you.

The first model cannot display a complete sensor system. The full system will be displayed in the second generation. The system can be improved because the technology will continue to develop. The first generation car did not have an upgrade on the second system. You can still use satellite navigation and automatic cruise control. This brand has made various preparations to show the car of the future. This is an electric vehicle with five amazing models. The battery is the energy source of this car. This electric car can reach a speed of 0-100kpf in less than 8.0 seconds. The mileage from this car is 400 to 600km. The concept of this car is already on display in Shanghai. You can get an electric car for the same price as a car from an ordinary machine. You will get advanced technology in the future with surprises from this car. That's a sophisticated car from technology news updates.