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Stalin's Victims from the Great Purge

Justin Ramos-Flynn, Author

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Joseph Stalin

  Once Joseph Stalin stated,“Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.” This view to solve issues was highly favored when Stalin was in power. He was the dictator of the USSR between the time of his control in 1929 to 1953. While in power, he had an ego that caused him to anxiously assume people’s betrayal of him and try to overthrow him. He instituted a severe way of living in Russia at the time of his rule because he instituted fear into the population. Stalin had a firm grip on Russia by using fear and showing the Soviet Union that literally no one was safe, he was able to maintain power and was not stopped against genocide of his own people.

Stalin began as a simple revolutionary working beside Lenin during the Bolshevik take of power. Stalin soon worked himself up to become one of the Bolshevik leaders during the revolution. However, Stalin is considered the only leader of the revolution that is not called an intellectual. He also had no idea of political and economic issues.“He had no understanding of economic problems. He was a very effective orator, but his speeches lacked substance, and were only temporarily effective in rousing mass audiences” His lack of understanding of issues proved to be true when he was in power because he cared little of what the common people thought. Stalin was able to kill off so many of his own people and still have them come to support him because of his effective speeches.

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