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Stalin's Victims from the Great Purge

Justin Ramos-Flynn, Author

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This is an informative website that looks at the Soviet Union during the 1930s. At this time, the dictator of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin and was considered one of the most brutal leaders of the 20th century. Stalin ruled with an iron fist by making people fear him. He was mad with an obsession with power and would eliminate anyone who threatened his position. This soon led to his mass killings and disappearances of people in the Soviet Union called The Great Purge. He conducted false trials or the famous Moscow Trials and sometimes just assassinated people without trial. Either way, people soon began to fear his rule. Another element to Stalin's rule was his use of censorship and propaganda. He controlled the media and had the power to use it to aid in his purge of people who threatened his rule. Overall, the Great Purge was a mad man's obsession with power and his anxiety fueled his need to eliminate anyone standing in his path. 
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