Memory and History: Transforming the Narrative of the Spanish Civil War and Francoist Repression

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To use this website you can hover over the header icons to browse the table of contents and search the project. To navigate you can click on the "Begin," "Continue," and "Back to"  boxes or specific pages listed in the "Contents" at the bottom of a page. You can also use the content and context navigation icons in the margins to see where you are and follow project paths.

To consult the interviews, you can search the entire catalogue via the Testimonies by Last Name page or use the Testimonies by Theme page to select a theme, such as Gender and Family Life, to access a scholarly introduction with a list of relevant testimonies. To learn about the project team and the methodologies used to conduct and digitally index the interviews, consult the About the Project page.

Please note that this project is under development. As we complete the work of adding bilingual and time-coded metadata to the interviews, we will replace unprocessed video testimonies with indexed video testimonies. In the initial stages, we will index testimonies strategically so that we can simultaneously build out the thematic pages. Our end goal is to index the entire catalogue so that we can create visualizations based on subject tags and spatial information that produce new knowledge about the history and memory of the Spanish Civil War and Francoist repression.  If you would like to participate in the process, please consult the Education and Research page and contact us via the Contact form.  

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