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About Solly Assa

Deeply committed to the real estate industry, Solly Assa is a developer and owner of Assa Properties based in New York. He has acquired in-depth knowledge and years of experience in order to successfully identify and capitalize on development opportunities. He has invested a lot of time and effort and has changed the conventional method of property development by setting the bar higher with every project he undertakes. Regardless whether it is commercial or residential property development, this NYC businessman and visionary entrepreneur has been able to forge strong, long-lasting relationships, convinced that personal interaction is a key element of ensuring that every client is matched with the property that best suits his or her needs.

Being a developer means having patience, strong will, and continuous ambition to upgrade yourself with new knowledge and research skills. Solly Assa has built his entire career around this industry and knows for the best that you can never succeed by purchasing a property today and selling it tomorrow. After many years spent working in this industry, in 2000 Solly Assa finally moved on to the next step and founded his own company, which has been his life-long dream.

Using his management skills and acquired experience, Solly Assa has been able to successfully identify and capitalize on development opportunities. Based in New York City, for over a decade Assa Properties has been investing in real estate properties, acquiring more than 3 million square feet of assets in the United States and Mexico. Recently, Solly Assa started acquiring buildings in some of NYC’s most distinctive neighborhoods, aiming to turn those buildings into luxury retail and hotel premises. The company’s most recent portfolio addition was Cassa Hotel and Residences, a building that features 57 residences and 165 guest rooms, spans over 170,000 square feet and stands 48 stories.

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