Searching for a Black Pacific: An Alternative Archive

The Archive: List of Contents

Magazines: Alternative Archives 
Disappearing Histories of the Black Pacific, Mix Magazine
Diaspora Magazine, Issue One 
Diaspora Magazine, Issue Two

Artist Collectives: B.B.U.N.O (Building Bridges Untitled Number One) & CAN:BAIA (Canadian Artist Network: Black Artists in Action)

B.B.U.N.O. (Also sometimes titled B.U.N.O.) 
Exhibition Pamphlet, 1992
Exhibition Pamphlet, 1994

Pelekeana Pamphlet

Art/Activist Spaces: Helen Pitt Gallery, the grunt gallery, and black theatre 

The Helen Pitt Gallery (now titled UNIT/PITT) 
Melinda Mollineaux, [T(here)], 1996. 

The grunt gallery 
Self Portrait, Valerie Romain, 1991. 
Telling Relations: Sexuality and the Family, 1993. 

Black Theatre 
Images of Whole, 1995. 
Our Lost Heroes, the Sepia Players, date unknown. 

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