Science & Engineering Library: Online Open House

Who We Are: Librarians

Cari Lyle is one of the two Science & Engineering Librarians and she liaises with Viterbi School of Engineering. She started in April 2019 and since then has worked closely with Viterbi's SHINE program, hosted information literacy and library research sessions for many STEM courses and groups, including WRIT 150, WRIT 340, Engineering Freshman Academy, Engineering Honors Colloquium, and Neuroscience PhD students, and provides reference and research services via phone, chat, email, and Zoom.

Alvaro Quezada is also a Science & Engineering Librarian and he liaises with the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Alvaro started in May 2020 and is an adamant believer in the power of information literacy as a critical life skill.  He has began working with the biology department to develop mini-lesson videos that help students evaluate information.  In addition, he has recently launched the Science & Engineering Library's Instagram. Prior to working at the Science & Engineering Library, Alvaro was the Supervising Library Assistant at the Norris Medical Library on the Health Sciences Campus.

Holly Thompson is the Interim Head of the Science & Engineering Library. She is also the Interim Head of the Wilson Dental Library. As Head, Holly primarily manages administrative processes but is also available for consultations about research, instruction, information literacy and more. In addition to her interest and expertise with health sciences subjects, she is very knowledgeable about research issues including federal public access mandates and how to manage them.

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