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Special Displays & Collections
The Science & Engineering Library has created many special displays on a variety of topics including Revealing Hidden Figures: Meet the Women Who Put Man into Space, a 2017 physical display in honor of Black History Month and International Woman's Day to highlight the contributions and achievement of African-American women to space exploration and mathematics.

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2020, we created a virtual display of women engineers, entitled Remarkable Women in Engineering.

We also house the Dr. Caleb E. Finch Science Archive, a collection donated by University Professor of Gerontology, Dr. Caleb E. Finch, that explores the science of aging via archeology, history, anthropology, and biology.

The Science & Engineering Library Popular Reading Collection includes biographies, historical perspectives, and general reading (including "bestsellers") dealing with one or multiple science disciplines as a backdrop. This collection provides students with an opportunity to explore different subjects and catch up on popular reading while maintaining a focus on STEM.

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