Scholarly Fashion

Introductory Blogpost

In your first blogpost, please, introduce yourself. You can mention your major/minor, your hobbies and interests (academic or otherwise), include links to your profiles on other platforms (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or link to any platform that features your work (photography? essays? anything you like). For this part, you can use my bio page as an example.

In the second part, please, include a description of a garment you particularly like/treasure. Think about the following questions in connection to the readings you did for Wednesday, May 27th:

- Why is the garment important to you? Is there a personal/family story attached? How does this object help activate your personal memory?
- How is it related to the archive of cultural memory (does it make you think about a particular time in the past, cultural figure, cultural production?).
- How do you usually wear it? Is it for a special/ordinary occasion? Has anything changed about the way you use the garment over time?
 Please include a picture of the garment (or yourself wearing it) and use Scalar to annotate it.

Don't forget to comment on two blogposts of your peers by Monday, June 1st, 11 am.