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Safe Review

Helen Witt, Author

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Finding The Best Electric Shaver for a Bald Head

So you need to recognize what the best electric head shaver is for shaving a bald head. All things considered, that relies upon a few factors, but I will attempt to give you my best suggestion dependent on what I have found.

We know for the nearest shave nothing beats a manual razor, but you can, in any case, get truly close with a quality electric. An electric can likewise set aside your cash as time goes on as opposed to purchasing replacement razor blades.

Before choosing the best electric shaver for your own head, you should consider the amount you are happy to spend. A decent electric razor begins at around $50 bucks and goes on up from that point (over $300 for certain models). There are a few choices relying upon what your financial limit is, so I'm going to attempt to give you a few suggestions and alternatives for each value point.

Electric Head Shavers

There are 2 sorts of electric shavers, foil, and rotary. Foil razors use a screen and the rotary ones have circular blades that pivot. As a rule, foil shavers improve on looser skin. This makes rotary ones superior because the skin on your scalp is tight, in addition to it pursues the shapes of your head more effectively and you can move it around toward any path instead of the foil shavers which work best in a straight line.

Presently you can get head shavers structured specifically for your head. Conair and Philips both make one. The Conair Cleanhead head groomer and the Philips head groomer. I wouldn't prescribe both of these because they don't work quite well, are one dimensional (you can't shave your face with it) and they cost like $50. If you will burn through $50 there is a greatly improved other option…

The Philips Norelco 7310 is a strong rotary razor and will work admirably of shaving your head just like your face. This is only an incredible all-around electric razor, particularly for the cost. It is a very mainstream razor and reliably gets high appraisals and extraordinary surveys.

Inside that equivalent value run, you should likewise think about a Panasonic. They just make foil style shavers but still work truly well. If you anticipate using your shaver for your face a great deal, I'd prescribe this one: Panasonic ES8103S because it will make a superior showing all over and AS great work on your head as the Philips 7310. In addition, you can use it in the shower which is an additional comfort. (The 8109 model gives you a charging/cleaning base station for another $30 bucks.)

If you have somewhat more coin to spend then I think it's very worth putting in a few more bucks to get the following model up…

The Philips redesigned model is the Philips Norelco 1250x/40 SensoTouch 3d, which includes a turning head, more cutting (and quicker moving) blades, and a charging base station. This would be worth the additional cash if you anticipate using it to shave your face all the time also.

Obviously, Panasonic has a redesigned form as well and that is the Panasonic ES-LA93-K. This gets you a turning head just as a charging and cleaning station but now we are discussing genuine cash, about $180 bucks. Because of its value, foil style, and the way that you are most likely more concerned with finding the best electric head shaver, I wouldn't prescribe this one.

Braun and Remington additionally make electric shavers that you can use on your head as well. But I think Brauns is somewhat overrated and the surface region is littler. This makes them somewhat more exact for the face but not perfect for a bald head. Furthermore, Remington brands simply aren't as excellent as I would like to think.

My Personal Favorite

At long last, I need to simply make reference to the choice I like the most. It's not best if you lean toward the smooth, down to the exposed skin look, but I have constantly used a trusty pair of hair scissors to shave my head. It doesn't have the accommodation of an electric (can't use in the shower, irritating cord) but I simply like it because I favor a touch of stubble and I've gotten truly quick with it (for the most part around 6 mins complete shave it down). But I'm expecting since you are perusing this page you don't a lot of care about that!

So if you are keen on using an electric razor and need to spend under $100 bucks, I'd state go with the Panasonic 8103S.

However, if you have some extra to spend, I'd get the Norelco 1250 SensoTouch 3D. I think this is the best electric head shaver you can get. It's a decent value, you get turning rotary blades, will work admirably all over, and it's fun using a pleasant quality electric shaver!

If it's not too much trouble let me know if you have any inquiries!

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