Top 7 Reasons Why Website Security Is Essential For Your Business

With the increasing number of cyber attacks against websites, there is a greater need for protecting your website against these increasing online threats. According to statistics, 56% of the internet traffic is generated using automated sources such as spammers, scrapers and hacking tools or bots. As technology improves, it becomes an increasing challenge for all types of businesses to keep their information safe and secure on the web.

In the absence of proactive web security measures, businesses carry the risk of spreading malware, attacks on other networks and infrastructure and it can infect computers. Regardless of the size of your business, web security is important and usually small businesses often find it challenging to protect themselves from potential cyber threats.

Why are websites vulnerable to attacks?

As per 2019 statistics, there are over 1.94 billion websites online which are vulnerable to attacks by hackers. On the contrary, there is a misconception among small owners and administrators that their sites may not be targeted as they are small and less attractive to hackers. There are many motives behind attacking websites such as stealing information stored across the server or tricking bots and abusing server resources.

Most hackers are quite skilled and steal personal information for identity theft or with an intent of making fraudulent transactions. These are known as plain hackers who break into computer networks to spread computer viruses. Most hackers tend to upload infected copies of malware or operating systems and corporate networks can be easy targets especially those that lack solid security measures.

Why website security is core to every business?

Menlo security report, 2018 states that nearly 42% of the leading 100,000 sites use software that makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks or may have been compromised in some form. Phishers are now opting new techniques to target websitesas last year Menlo security have found that phishers have used legitimate hosting services for 4600 websites. This makes website security very crucial for every online business in the absence of which they may lose their valuable customers and their credibility in the business.
Here are few more key reasons why website security is essential for companies:One of the biggest responsibilities for businesses is to protect their customers’ confidential information since they trust your brand and your credibility might be affected. Most online shoppers rely on ecommerce websites while buying and selling goods and may share their names, credit card information along with their social security numbers. This presents huge opportunities for hackers who may want to steal your personal information, especially if your website lacks security.Apart from protecting your data and information, website security also involves securing your physical equipment as well. Hackers can not only steal your personal information, but they can also tamper with your physical servers by installing viruses. There are high costs of running a business and as a business owner, you need to safeguard your expensive equipment required for running your business. The damage could be irreversible as you may need to seek professional help to get rid of the virus from your system.Security of your website is also crucial from the business perspective as it could have a lasting impact on your brand. A negative review or bad publicity regarding breach of security on your website can cause serious damage to your business reputation. You may have heard news on corporate website hacking, but such hacking could impact a lot on business’s brand image and growth also. It’s best to avoid such situations by protecting your website so that customers view your business with greater credibility and trust your brand.Many companies have information and systems that may not be accessible to the public and hackers may infiltrate your system to gain access to such sensitive data. In such cases, there is a danger of trade secrets being exposed which could cause loss of revenue and damage the credibility of your business. Thus, all companies need to have solid encryption to safeguard such vital information using cheap SSL certificate and it may be good to invest in SSL certificate.You can reduce the risks associated with cyber security threats to your website compared to your competitors who lack such measures. By taking preventive security measures for your website, you can build greater trust and confidence among your customers.Hackers can cause irreversible damage to the reputation of your website which in turn can affect your business. In fact, they can lead to downtime and loss of productivity for your company while missing out on sales opportunities. For the growth of every business, it’s necessary to have sales and profit margins. Websites that lack protection can threaten the existence of the business and lead to its closure if the security is compromised.Running a business can be tough with the constant fear of a cyber attack and you may not be able to completely stop such occurrences. But you can definitely take preventive measures to reduce the risk of cyber threats to your website. It may be a good idea to have some standard policies in place within your organization to make your co-workers understand the importance of web security and follow the right practices.


Website security is most crucial for every online business and it can be helpful to protect your reputation and retain your valuable customers. It’s definitely not possible for any website to remain 100% safe and secure against hackers as with changing technology, they will continue to target websites using new techniques. However, taking the right security measures such as using encryption,SSL certificates from ClickSSLand along with strong passwords can help in strengthening the security of your website. A proactive approach for maintaining website security is required by all companies to safeguard their personal information.