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Interesting Inventions Created By Google

Everyone has surely heard of Google, the big search engine for the Internet. But did you know that Google is also responsible for many innovative inventions? Here are some of the interesting inventions that Google has created:

Google Lens

Many people in the world wear contact lens and Google is working on smart contact lens. No, it’s not a contact lens that will help you get on the Internet to check your social media pages, it’s meant to help people with diabetes keep track of the level of sugar (glucose) in their blood.  They are attempting to attach special sensors and a microcamera to the contact lens to make it possible to check for the blood sugar levels and report them to the wearer. Likely you could also get the info sent to your doctor if needed.

Project Ara

This idea of Google’s would help billions of smartphone owners totally customize all aspects of their phones. Plus, it would also help to get rid of all those expensive updates and upgrades to your smartphones! Wouldn’t that be great? When it came out, it was being done by Motorola, as they were a subsidiary of Google.

It is meant to be composed of special hardware modules that had the usual standard phone components like your processor, battery, camera, etc. and all you would have to do is replace these modules for an upgrade instead of the whole phone. Sadly it ran into issues and is still being studied after some problems getting it off the ground in 2016.


Google is responsible for several wearable Internet capable devices, to include smartwatches of various different styles and designs. One such series is called Android Wear as well as Wear OS. As of 2020 there are several different versions of these smartwatches to choose from with features like Google Assistant, calendars, maps, Google Pay, and more.

Driverless Cars

Google is also testing cars that drive themselves. This is hoped to one day help to reduce car accidents. They have already been tested in a few cities to see how they could handle traffic as well as pedestrians. The occupant could take over driving in case of an emergency. These driverless cars by Google have a camera, lidar (light radar) and run via software known as the Google Chauffeur. IT also has a velodyne sixty-four beam laser device that scans the area using 3-D as well as high resolution maps.

A Magnetic Hoverboard

Google also experimented with a magnetic hoverboard. However, they were still trying to work the bugs out of it as there were issues with it flipping over since magnets have a tendency to change polarity at times. So far, Google has not actually put this on the market as it is proving too expensive to find something other than magnets to make it work.

Project Loon

Project Loon is something Google is trying to do so that people worldwide could get access to the Internet in places where today it’s impossible. It was to be done via a series of hot air balloons. It would be a wireless 4G lite network. It was being researched in 2018.  The balloons would use patch antennas and the signal would go through each balloon to the provider and to the ground to the users. Each balloon provides coverage to an area on the ground of around 80 kilometers, and help 1000s of people get Internet service.

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