Reassembling Rubbish

Mapping BAN's GPS data

Below you can find a map of coordinate data used in the Basel Action Network's latest report, called "Scam Recycling". Click here to access the full map in a new browser window.

The data for the map are found on p. 99-115 of the "Scam Recycling" report. You can download a spreadsheet of the data ready for use in Open Office or Excel.

To produce the map below I grabbed all of what I call the “last coordinate" data available in the cells for "Chain of Export Summary" on p. 99-115 of BAN’s latest GPS exercise. I then converted those pages into a spreadsheet.

Once I had data ready for use, I copy and pasted them into a sheet called “Data Ready | All” (see links to spreadsheets above). From there it was merely a copy-paste job to separate out “Data Ready | CRTs”, “Data Ready | LCDs”, and “Data Ready | Printers”. I’ve included notes in Cell A1 of each sheet for extra clarity. The columns for “Last Coordinate” include “NC” for “no coordinate(s)” given in original “Chain of Export Summary” column in BAN's data. For those not already familiar with Google Maps, you can click the down arrow visible on the left of each map layer to select individual data points and zoom to them.