Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Fear as a tool

The video that Arturo used in his blog perfectly summarizes how digital activism that illicit an emotional response end up being forgotten. The case study that was used was the Kony 2012 campaign which was a failure in itself. The creator of the video relied too much on pathos which ended up being its downfall. Strong emotions are only temporarily and after a time that emotion goes away and you move on with your life. A personal example of this is when I saw the documentary "Earthlings" which is about animal cruelty and also vegan propaganda, The documentary attacks on your senses with horrific imagery and sounds of dying animals. It worked on me for awhile. I did not eat meat for two months, but that strong emotional response I felt after watching the documentary ended and I went back to my carnivorous ways. "Earthlings" did have an effect, but only temporarily. If digital activists want to make a change in the system, they cannot just relied on pathos. They need some logos and facts to back them up. Also, they should make outsiders make it easier to participate and not be vague when it comes to events. Fear as a tool to gain followers to a movement does not work and if fear is only used, the movement is going to die quickly. Kony 2012 is an example of that.

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