Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Digital Or Reality, Still No-Time for-You or Me

I've always been unsure if social media or rather; "Participatory" Media has aided or held up social/political movements. I think in many ways it has done both.

Ultimately, I feel like it may be hurting us as a whole moreover. Do you ever feel like it gives off the illusion of "closeness" and "connectivity" to those around us? In actuality, we only have so many people we really talk to on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. These people who are actually in those three  categories are quite possibly the same people you mainly interact with on Social Media but what about the rest? In one years time, have we even messaged or got a message from a quarter of our "friends/followers/etc" in our Participatory Media? To think, if you have 400 friends on facebook, that would be 100 people to put it in perspective.

But I digress...maybe we are still in a time where participatory media is "still" finding use as a platform to rally for reform. Either that, or we are all slowly becoming Hyper Desensitized to the world around us, whether its Digital or reality.

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