How to get a loan in Poland working abroad?

There are many situations in life when you may be in need of money. Whether to invest in your personal development or to recover from financial problems, taking a loan will help you. It may be a complicated procedure to get a credit or a mortgage in Poland while working abroad, but it is not impossible to achieve and our financial advisors will aid you in the process.  

To get a credit or a mortgage, you should be able to present your contract of employment to the bank you want a loan from. It is a necessary formality to go through in order to receive the financial support offer you want. The optimal situation is to have a contract of employment for an indefinite period. In that case, your chances for a successful outcome are almost 100 %.

It is also extremely important to have the required length of service in your employment. This period of time must be at least 6 months long. It is an obligatory requirement to fulfil, which means, that if your employment lasted shorted, you won’t receive a loan.

These are the two essential factors in obtaining the credit or the mortgage you want: the contract of employment (preferably for an indefinite period) and at least 6 months length of service in the job. The more documents you have to prove the fact that you meet these conditions – the better.

Independent financial experts from Poland

The “Independent financial expert” company from Poland brings together the best financial advisors to ensure the highest quality of the offered service and ascertain the customers’ complete satisfaction. It unites experts that specialise in various fields of banking business for the all-encompassing services of help in receiving a loan.

The company offers a professional help in four main departments of crediting. These are: a mortgage, a consolidation loan, a cash credit and a car loan. In every category the aid of our financial advisors demonstrates a high rate of success that oscillates between 80% (consolidations credits) to even 100% (mortgages).

Each of the four mentioned types of credits presents a little different requirements as conditions to be granted the loan. For example, to be granted a mortgage, you need to possess a real estate to secure the high amount of money received from the bank.

Our experts will help you to choose the most advantageous option for yourself, while taking into account such important factors as your overall financial condition, your creditworthiness, your income and outcome. The financial advisors of “Independent financial expert” company from Poland will advise you on what would be the best choice in your case. Perhaps you have chances for obtaining a mortgage or maybe a simple cash credit is enough to improve the state of your finances.

In so many various offers available on the market that differ in details of their terms of the contracts and provisions of the agreement it may be very hard to not get lost in all the formalities. This is the reason why you should avail yourself of our services.

Why should you trust us?

We work in the financial advisement field for a long time, which allowed us to gain a considerable experience on the market. That extensive experience is now offered to you completely freely, without any financial charges. By using our services, you can gain a more profitable position to receive the loan that would be ideal for you. You will be sure you won’t fall a victim of a financial fraud, when our experts will analyse the loan offers closely.  You will also be able to choose the most profitable financial support for yourself: a loan that both will improve your financial situation considerably and the one that you will be able to repay without it affecting the standard of life you are used to.

You should trust us, because each Client we approach individually. You won’t be subjected to some collective, generalized procedure. We see a Client as a unique person, not a typical financial application for a credit. The papers will never be more important to us than your well-being. Your contentment is most important to us. All the required documents are just a support to achieve that chief value.

Our experts will not only prepare the best offer for you, but take all the burden of searching it from you. We constantly monitor banks’ offers, keep an eye on special discounts that appear from time to time  – all for finding the perfect proposition for each of our Clients. The offer must be both profitable in general and suitable especially for you. Only such credit proposition we will present to you.

We do not limit our activity to financial research. We also provide a personal support. Our experts will always answer all the questions you may have about credits and dispel all the doubts of whether or not you should take this or the other loan. The bank refused to grant you a credit? Contact us and we will help you.

We will also assist you in preparing all the required documents and explain which exactly official papers would you need to be granted the chosen loan.

Last but not least: our help is completely free.

Best Financial Advisors in Poland.

How does cooperation with our company look like?

During the process of deciding whether to grant the loan or not, the assessment of credit history is taking place as well as the analysation of the BIK rate. The financial advisors of “Independent financial expert” company cooperate with the bank employees to improve the flow of information and, in effect, accelerate the grant of the chosen loan.

For individual Clients we are always prepared to help in ensuring they will be granted a credit. We treat each Client with respect and kindness. You may contact us via our website