How to get a free Legend Mobile Skin - This game is certainly no stranger among teenagers, ranging from children to adults too many who like this game. MOBA has become a very popular game in Indonesia and many fans. A MOBA game is an IGG Game that becomes a team and is very exciting to play with friends to beat the opposing team.

In the game, of course there are winners and some losers. This game that is really needed is teamwork. It could be that in terms of skill you are very able to win the game but your teammates are not able to master the game, so it is very influential in your team. It could be that your team loses against the opposing team even though your skills are very capable in playing.

You can play this legendary mobile game online as well as you can download IGG Game. so don't be surprised if you make friends or get opponents from different countries. In playing a legendary mobile game, you must be able to destroy the opposing tower. If the tower of your opposing team has been destroyed, especially the core tower, your team will automatically win this game. So how can you and your team protect your own tower? That is actually the main mission of playing mobile legend.

Many say that this legendary mobile game is actually similar to DOTA. So for gamers who like to play DOTA certainly will not miss this one game. Moreover, this legendary mobile game is very easy to get. Simply by looking for it in the google store application then you will find it and can be directly downloaded and played.



  1. Ranked
  2. Brawl, and
  3. I vs Com

All modes in the legendary mobile IGG Game can be played to level up and get coins that can be used to buy the latest hero that you think is strong to play. There are a lot of heroes and hero characters. You can choose it according to your wishes and your habit of using a hero so that the MVP continues while playing.

In the legend mobile game there is a hero skin that you can use. What is skin? skin is a change in appearance of a hero that can increase the status of a hero, each hero has a different status level. But unfortunately to get skin on a mobile legend must use diamonds, it's hard to get skin for free. Most gamers get skin using diamonds. Diamond is the currency in the moonton-made mobile legend.

It turns out that mobile legend also provides several ways to get skin for free, but it's hard and hard to get it.


  1. Login on the mobile legend every day

The more diligently you log into the legendary mobile game then it is very useful that you can get the legendary mobile skin for free. Frequently or regularly opening mobile legend, you can get a box containing a skin. You can use the skin for free. Usually the box containing the prize will be obtained on the last day or the seventh day. Therefore, make sure you regularly log in to the legendary mobile game to get lots of skins.

  1. Following the event

The legendary mobile game made by Moonton has features about the event. Moonton is holding an event that allows you to get free skins. The event is usually thanksgiving east. You can get free skins Franco - Wasteland Butcher, Estes - Holy Priest and Miya - Queen of Banshees, Chou - Hip-hop Boy, Kagura - Flower Season.

  1. Take advantage of lucky spin

To get a free Mobile Legend skin, you can also use lucky spin. This lucky spin is counting on your luck. Moonton usually gives a lucky spin every two weeks. So in addition to the routine login every day that every 7 days get a gift box in the form of a free Mobile Legend skin, you can also count on lucky spin to get a free lucky every two weeks. But in a lucky spin once every two weeks you are still not sure to get free skins, you might not have been lucky at that time. You only get fragments. Pray before turning lucky spin so you are lucky

  1. Push (up) rank

By increasing your rank you are also entitled and can get a free Mobile Legend skin from mobile legend. The higher your rank or higher rank in playing mobile legend, the easier it will be to get free skins. Moonton will give a free skin to a legendary mobile player with a minimum master position. Moonton will give the skin every 3 months. Not only the skin given by Moonton, there are tickets or battle points that you can have.

  1. Exchange with fragments

The currency contained in the mobile legend is not only diamond, but there are skin fragments, battle points and rare skin fragments. How to get the currency is quite difficult but not impossible if you can get it. How to get diamonds, battle points, Mobile Legend fragment skins and rare skin fragments by participating in various events in the legendary mobile game. Then you will get it. If you feel that you have enough currency, you can exchange the fragments with mobile legends skin

  1. Chest

Ches also gives you the opportunity to get a free Mobile Legend skin from mobile legend. The method is very easy. Open your chest and you will automatically get it. In the mobile legend there are 2 types of chest that can be opened, namely the medal chest and free chest. Each chest is different. Medal chests can be opened if you have collected or gained ten points, while free chests can only be opened every 4 hours. By utilizing these two chests, you have the opportunity to get skin for free.

  1. Live streaming

You can enable live streaming when you play. If you enable live streaming then it allows other players to see our match live (live). If a player watching live streaming you feel the game you are playing is good, then voluntarily the player watching live streaming will give you diamonds for free or for free.

The diamond can be used to buy skins. So if you want to get diamonds for free from other players, you can activate your live streaming when you play a mobile legend match. It is possible that with a game that you feel is good enough, you can invite other players to watch your live streaming and give the diamond for free.