4 Best Live Chat Software in 2020

Call center services are experiencing the emergence of ambiguous trends, that’s enough to escalate the customer support for a particular product and business. Currently, the organizations are implementing every possible move in the direction to generate ROI and retain the customer for a longer span of duration.

The call centers are generally bifurcated in two streams, based on the required functionality of a business and organization i.e; Inbound call centers and Outbound Call Centers.

Talking about evolving contact method to the executive of a call center, digital attempts tops the chart with Email, Social Media and Live Chat, to which Live Chat ranks as maiden among all.

What Exactly is Live Chat?

In today’s scenario, Live Chat is one of the desired contact methods, when moving for support from the call center. 

Live chat is the medium to interact with the call center executive, like any other medium. The only difference that lies to it is of a real-time experience of call center services via chat support or live video chat with a one-on-one session.

Live chat wraps set of benefits in favour of both business and customer, as well.

According to ICMI, ‘46% of customer preferred the live chat as a choice to contact customer center executive as in comparison with email and social media’.

Higher customer satisfaction rate, higher sales conversion, less response time are the most enjoyed benefits of live chat, accounted so far…

Best Live Chat Software Used in Call Centers:

Once, you are all planned to implement the mechanism of live chat in your call center, it is mandatory to choose the best tools for initiating the purpose of call center services.

Let’s have a look at 4 best live chat software, that will still rule the year 2020:


Olark is one of the leading software used for initiating the purpose of live chat. It helps in keeping the count over the number of conversions on your website or the third-party tool. Olark plays a significant role for business and marketers, that let them connect with the real customers, with the motive to scale sales conversion rate.


Olark offers a free trial of 14 days, which is carried out by the starting range of $17 per month.

Dedicated Features:


Drift is one of the best software if you are considering to automate your chat process in the call center section. Drift plays an equipped role in providing polished leads to the sales team for further purposes. Also, the tool is in-built with latest technologies such as AI-based chatbot and calendars. The software mainly focusses on automating the approach of customer’s query with well-crafted solutions based on algorithms and previously-handled experience.


Drift offers a low budget platform for chatting as an absolutely free of cost i.e; $0. Also, the ranges may vary based on selected services from $400 for pro plans to $1500 for premium accounts on a monthly basis.

Dedicated Features:


LiveChat is the software used by organizations to aloft the chat process and automated call center services. It is equipped with 130+ integrations, available on LiveChat app store with numerous numbers of chat box designs. LiveChat offers the directory of apps, that’s suitable for business platform.


LiveChat offers the free trial of 30 days, which is further followed by starter and upgradation plans ranging from $16 to $50 and many more available for per month per seat.

Dedicated Features:

4.Help Scout:

Help Scout is one of the best live chat platform, suitable for small and medium scale businesses. It includes the knowledge base structure to support third-party tools and functions. Also, the Help Scout lets you send the messages to the set of targeted customers through the manual attempts.


Help Scout offers the free trial of 15 days, which is further followed by plans starting from $12 per user per month.

Dedicated Features:

In Conclusion:

The live chat is one of the vital means used in call centers to complete the need of business and customer, as well.

Implementing one of these live chat software in your call center, with the purpose to retain and cater the customer needs also helps in escalating the ROI for the business.