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Primero- Colorado Fuel and Iron's Model Town

Blake Hatton, Abbie Specht, Authors
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Cass Elemtary School

1901-1902 building Cass Elementary 

In 1901, Primero had just begun to flourish and was being built into an ideal mining community. There was not a school available in 1901, however, classes were held in a public dwelling house. Cass Elemtary was constructed in 1902, and was completed on November 1, 1902. the school was located at the end of the first row of houses, which was in the upper part of town by the hill. Superintendent Mr. Everhart was in charge of the construction. The construction of the building was similar in appearance to other schools near by in other mining communities such as Pictou.

The elementary school children in Primero attended Cass elementary school, which was a two-story building that contained four rooms total. Another school called Jerome was also being built around the time Cass elementary was built. The CF&I company contributed a total of $5,775.99 to both Cass and Jerome. $439.25 was also advanced to both schools for the texts books, and a $1,405 advance was given to aid in the cost of the teachers salaries. On Novemeber 1, 1902 Cass Elementary opened. The school was not only provided to educate children, but was also a place for entertainment and social events of the camp. 

1903-1904 Cass Elementary: Teachers, Students, Events

Miss Mary Beneficial was principle of Cass Elementary in 1903. Mary was in charge of 20 advanced students. Also in 1903 both Miss Jessie Morgan and Miss Edith Carrington were in charge of students as well. Miss Morgan looked after the 38 primary students, divided into 8 grades, and Miss Carrington looked after the 21 kindergarten children. the ethnicity of the children were listed as American, Mexican, and Italian. The School Board pays the teachers' salaries, however all of the cost for materials and needs of the school were provided by the CF&I company. 

In 1903, Camp&Plant mentions a Christmas filled with goods for the boys and girls that were gifted to the children by the CF&I company, which was an annual thing. The company provided dolls for the girls, and drums for the boys, and a large portion of candy and oranges was also gifted to the children by the Supply Company. It was also custom that the school children made gifts during Christmas time to gift to their parents. 

By 1904, Cass Elementary was the popular host for many daily events. On Saturday's Cass Elementary provided enjoyable entertainment for the community.

Miss Carrington

Christmas 1903, Miss Carrington hosts an event December 22 with the kindergarten class. They performed songs such as, "Christmas Carol", "Merry Christmas", and recite stories about Santa. In 1904, the average attendance was 25 students. Miss Carrington became dictatorship of Cass, did a nice job hosting Christmas, once again. She also started boy clubs, girl clubs, and a woman's club. She was instructor for basket weaving in the girls club from 1902-1903. By 1904, she took over sewing. By the end of 1904, 30 children were regularly attending kindergarten. During this time the kindergarten was considered the center of the social life for the camp.

1920 Grade School Conditions

1920, The Industrial Bulletin discusses the conditions of the grade school and high school of Primero and their good condition. The schools had been painted, calcimined, and renovated. $1700.00 was spent on the renovations
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