Portfolio of Research Studies

Portfolio of Research Studies

This book is intended to be a publication of all of the research studies that I have conducted over the course of the last decade working as a market research analyst. These research findings all belong to me and I have the relevant authority and allowances to publish any findings and research methods displayed throughout the course of this book. 

My name is Matt and this is my personal portfolio of research projects that I have conducted in my time as a market researcher. I have a decade's worth of experience working in the Marketing field on various different marketing related projects including advertising campaigns, digital marketing campaigns and of course marketing research campaigns. I am currently working for a Magento Agency in Staffordshire called Attain Design as part of their digital marketing team on a part time basis. I spend 3 days there and I spend the other 2 days of the week working as a freelance market researcher helping various associates to conduct market research campaigns. 

I will be posting a new summary of a market research campaign that I have conducted every month. You can find the full index of projects below:

Research on Ethically Sourced Gift Boxes and The Art Of The Gift Giving Process
Research on The Choice Between Oak Dining Chairs and Metal Dining Chairs
Research on How People Like To Dress When Travelling
Research into The Concerns Of New Restaurant Owners
Research into Horse Riding Safety & Injuries
Research on Forever Roses vs Natural Roses
Research on The Popularity of Sewing

If you are interested in hiring me then please drop me an email to matt_pryce@gmail.com and provide me with a quick overview of the research project that you are looking for assistance in conducting and how you are connected with the project. If it is something that I am interested in being a part of then I will get back in touch with you within 14 days or receiving your email.