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Pilgrimages---Canton to Chichibu

Pilgrimages to Kannon and Jizo Bosatsu---East and West

Mark W. MacWilliams, Author

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Six realms of Karmic rebirth

The Six Realms of Karmic Rebirth



The Six Realms are an allegorical description of conditioned existence, or samsara, into which beings are reborn. The nature of one's existence is determined by karma. Some realms seem more pleasant than others, but all are dukkha (temporary and imperfect).

The Realms:

  1. Deva-gati, the Realm of Devas (Gods) and Heavenly Being
  2. Asura-gati, the Realm of Asura (Titans)
  3. Preta-gati, the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
  4. Naraka-gati, the Hell Realm
  5. Tiryagyoni-gati, the Animal Realm
  6. Manusya-gati, the Human Realm

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