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Oded Kariti: Tech Built for VR

Oded Kariti believes that technology has the power to expand human capabilities to a higher level. In fact we have already seen some major accomplishments made by the progress of technology, but still there are so many unexplored territories waiting to be discovered. Lately one of the most interesting discussions within the scientific circles has been the rice of VR. That means that the old dreams of interacting with digital content on a physical level are slowly beginning to realize. As Kariti explains, in order to accomplish that, we need a more natural interface, and what can be more natural than the human hand.

For a few years now, Leap Motion has been working on bringing hand gestures to virtual reality. As robotic as it may sound, many people believe that using your hands to move digital objects is way more natural than fiddling with a controller. Those that are open to trying this will need to fasten a motion sensor in front of an existing VR headset, which can be a little inconvenient, as Oded writes about it. In addition to that, this sensor works on the same software built for desktop PCs, and now the company has decided to take the next step. That’s how they came up with Orion, their brand new hardware and software solution that’s built especially for VR. This solution is fundamentally different than anything else that has so far been released on the market.

The part hardware, part software program is built from scratch it is designed to solve the unique challenges of hand tracking for VR. For Oded Kariti, Leap Motion is one of the most interesting projects in recent times, which can be embedded directly into virtual reality goggles. Leap Motion does not expect major manufacturers like HTC and Oculus to accept the controller immediately, but simply hope that the other manufacturers will at least give it a chance and install it. This software is only the beginning of what the company has planned. Still it is a huge change in how we manage hand tracking.

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