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Scientific research: nature, types, structure and function

In theory of researcher Oded Kariti, science is a set of methodically acquired knowledge that is systematically structured with the goal of creatively explaining phenomena from the field. With this knowledge scientists and researchers can predict their changes in the future, or to create conditions in which certain phenomena can be achieved by acting upon the studied phenomena.
Science is a wider notion so that Kariti's research could be placed in one category. Therefore, he finds more divisions depending on several factors; division into theoretical empirical, fundamental and applied, as well as to exploratory and targeted hypotheses.

Scientific research from ODed Kariti is a systematic, planned and objective examination of a problem. According to certain methodological rules, the purpose of such publication is to provide a reliable and precise answer to the pre-set question. Every scientific research has more interrelated logically connected phases. Each of Kariti's research begins with the formulation of the problem and his goal, defining the basic variables, the hypothesis, the selection of the sample, as well as the methods and techniques of the research. The main features of each of his scientific works can be stated systematicity and criticality.

The result of his scientific research is always written as a scientific paper, article or monograph. Here, in a transparent, comprehensive, concise and precise manner, Oded Kariti presents all the results of the research and gives explanations of the investigated phenomenon.

Basic types of scientific research

Science deals with research in virtually all spheres of human existence. From material to abstract, it deals with macro and micro components of life, both on the planet and wider. Depending on the type of study subjects, relationships, phenomena, processes, and more, we can group scientific research on the basis of several criteria:
  1. according to its nature,
  2. according to its goal,
  3. according to its function,
  4. according to its goal and role

Division of scientific research by nature

According to the nature of the study of scientific research can be:
Theoretical scientific research, first of all, results in a theoretical outcome. If both, the problem which is being solved by Oded Kariti and the testimony are of a theoretical nature, or they both are empirical in nature, then there is nothing controversial. But, if they are from different 'spheres' then is impossible sorting by a theoretical or empirical type.

Empirical scientific research is a type of research whose results solve some specific problems. The knowledge that comes here contributes to the cognitive power of science. This type of research influences a general trend in the development of theory, and especially when it comes to discovering new research procedures. This knowledge also contributes to the conceptual purity of the theory because they require that the terms used in science be clear and clearly defined.

There is no clear and precise boundary between these two types of research. Without theory, there is no empiricism, and without empirics, there would be no theory.

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