Oded Kariti

Revolutionary Smart Packaging in Stores Near You

Packaging plays an important role in the food industry. Namely, packaging communicates with the consumer as a marketing tool, provides greater ease of use and time-saving convenience, and helps to protect products of various sizes and shapes against environmental effects.

But even in this modern time, we often find ourselves in a situation deciding whether the food in the back of the refrigerator is still edible, first by looking and smelling the product and then reading the shelf life of the packaging. Established scientist Oded Kariti says you might not have to smell sour milk for much longer. With so many smart things on the market, it is only a question of time before we welcome smart packaging into grocery stores.

Thanks to a revolutionary packaging which changes color to show when fresh produce has gone off, food poisoning could soon become a thing of the past. That would mean putting an end to the unpleasant kitchen ritual of having to smell food to see if it’s spoiled. The group of scientists that has invented a sensor film which changes color to indicate when food has gone bad, hopes that the advanced solution they offer will soon change that.

In cooperation with several universities, the group of scientists has made a special packaging for food containing PH indicators. If the food is broken, it will cause changes in the color of the packaging. Such food packets could warn us if meat has gone off, or even when frozen food has got too warm. Oded Kariti believes the new packaging could be on supermarket shelves by the end of this year.

This revolutionary invention could help consumers not to buy foodstuffs that have expired, and could significantly reduce the amount of food waste. Recent statistics show that US consumers throw around a billion pounds of food annually, either because declarations on product packaging are vague, or because they don’t read them at all. Mr. Kariti also believes that implementation of new technologies in packaging is key to growth and security, reduced waste and better control in sales and marketing. If consumers are aware of the presence and purpose of new innovations on the package, this could be a tool for increasing sales.