Oded Kariti

Real Experienced with Holographic Television

Oded Kariti, scientist by profession, and tech-enthusiast by choice, has always been fascinated with television, ever since he was a young boy. When 3D TV made its way into the market not so long ago he was excited but not so surprised as most of us probably were. Now, with technology progressing faster than ever, he anticipates seeing what will holographic television bring, and when can we expect it coming.

For some time now scientists like Oded Kariti have been discussing the revolutionary possibility of holographic display that had its market penetration through the 3D glasses experience. A holographic television is mainly discussed at the level of t2D screen that creates the illusion of three-dimensional presentation of content while traditional holographic image actually has nothing to do with science fiction, but Oded Kariti suggest that in the future we may see a holographic projection of the  Star Wars type.

Imagine that your favorite actor or actress appear in your living room? And since you only sound the possibility that they themselves become characters of your favorite series or movies? At the beginning of last year, Samsung has invested significantly in the development and improvement of this type of technology. Innovative use of holographic technology users expands reality. In short, the holographic television can be described as a fusion of real life and television programs.

According to tech enthusiast Oded Kariti, by 2025, or according to the current development of technology, perhaps even before, we will be able to watch three-dimensional fun, informative, educational, sports and other programs that deliver a new experience, or rather a new dimension of viewing television. Sporting events will take place in your living room and your favorite actors will stand there and give you the impression that this is a real life. But, even more interesting and attractive predictions are that we might see ourselves become characters in our favorite shows, movies, sporting events or games. The possibility that holographic images users create themselves as avatars in games, series or movies sounds very tempting. Promising predictions of experts like Oded Kariti, who had already predicted holographic television in 2013, say that thanks to the efforts in the development of holographic technology, we will be available to experience this somewhere in the course of the next 10 years, and at the price of two-dimensional television.

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