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Oded Kariti: Are Wearable Devices Just a Trend or Truly Useful?

In the last few months, American engineer and IT enthusiast Oded Kariti has been looking and further inspecting the topic of wearable, high-tech devices that seem to be a total hit. Moreover, maybe you have already bought one and soon realized that it doesn’t offer much more than measuring the pulse and movement. According to Oded Kariti, these wearable hi-tech devices still don’t offer a lot to work with.

What currently misses all these devices is a 'Killer App', an application that is so desirable and necessary, that its mere use will justify the purchase of such wearable device. If you decide to get an Apple smart watch, and pay a small fortune for it, than most certainly you wouldn’t want its main feature to be getting notifications on your watch from your cell phone, or worse on both. The phenomenon that we’ve been able to see in recent years is that technology is advancing way faster than its application. As Oded Kariti explains, we have all sorts of sensors, only our phones have a dozen of them, and a variety of wearable devices that simply don’t have implementation purpose bigger than the one that was 10 years ago.

However, this is slowly starting to change. Although Google has just announced the withdrawal from sale of Google Glass, Oded Kariti still thinks it was a promising technology that after a short break could go even faster in the utilization part.

Here Oded Kariti reveals the basis of his artistic approach, and the reason for his enthusiasm, although the device has been taken of the market. In order to do that, he first needs to go back 20 years. Those who had the first mobile phone with its 'decadent' size were the subject of curiosity or unnecessary ridicule. Most people, as Oded Kariti recalls, almost vowed to "never wear, let alone buy 'one. The point is, any disruptive technology has to experience that. Simply, one must feel the resistance to it against the good of the public. And if it doesn’t change or affect our everyday lives to a point where the Conservatives are afraid of it and its application, that it probably isn’t disruptive technology! Google Glass is experiencing just that.

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