Oded Kariti

Kariti: How Technology Helps With Our Daily Housework

Not long ago, vacuum cleaners that clean by themselves could only be seen in Sci-Fi films. But today technology has come such a long way that robotic vacuum cleaners, along with many other devices have become common, and there are more and more household devices on the market each day. That means that we are slowly getting closer to a household fit for the cartoon The Jetsons. In this occasion scientist and Professor at Educause Oded Kariti brings you a brief overview of the technology that helps us with our daily household duties.

The truth is that we have already become so much accustomed to these devices that we take them for granted. Nowadays we have appliances that clean our floors, we have car services and kitchen devices that make us bread. With this entire technology helping us get through our everyday lives, it has become almost impossible to imagine a time when we didn’t have all these gadgets and did things the old-fashioned way. However, there is no denying that technology indeed helps us with the boring chores, and gets things done faster, leaving us some free time. If Oded Kariti would have to pick his least favorite chore he would say laundry, and that's why he invested in a handy appliance that helps him get the chores done and cuts the time in half. At night before going to bed he loads his washing machine, which also functions as a dryer, and just goes to sleep. In the morning he finds his clothes both clean and dry.

And of course that is not all, as nowadays we have dishwashers, robot vacuum cleaners or floor cleaners, bread makers and coffee makers, which make our lives so much easier by cleaning the floors instead of us, making fresh bread and hot coffee. The technology is currently available on the market and that we greatly simplify everyday tasks. Washers and dryers, combined washers-dryers, dishwasher, Robotic vacuum cleaner, robotic floor cleaner, steam cleaner, smart fridge, microwave, coffee maker and baking bread timer, food processors, electric blenders, juicers, and Mixers, these are only a few of the household devices that have revolutionized our daily housework. Scientists such as Oded Kariti is working on developing even more sophisticated gadgets that will without a doubt make our lives even that much easier.

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