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Free download salaam Mombai 2016 iranian indian movie by Ghorban Mohammadpoor
Salaam Bombay Salaam Bombay
Readers: Benjamin gallantry and Sono watching

Year: 1394 | Play: 96 | Player: Cole Download
Producer: J. Nvrvzbygy | Written and directed by: Sir Pour
The cast list Hi Mumbai

Benjamin gallantry, MR.G, FOODSHAILI Mahmoudi, Dia Mirza, B. Chahl, Gulshan Grover, Dia mirza, Gulshan grover, Poonam dhillon, dalip tahil, simran mishrikoti.

Synopsis Hi Mumbai
Themed romantic movie and the story of a rich girl and a boy Hindi Iranian medical student tells in India. The two fall in love but ....
News of Salam Bombay

Dey 11 94 / The Indian government permit filming 'Hi Mumbai' issued
Director of the film "Salaam Bombay», said yesterday the Indian government our filming permit issued for the film and its production license was issued by the Bollywood Movie.

Persian date Dey 23 - Travel "Hi Mumbai 'to India

The creators of the movie "Salaam Bombay" 22 Dey traveled to India to provide for the production of the film.
21 Bahman "Salam Bombay" was key to MR.G in Mumbai
Food at the opening ceremony Hindi film to bring their request to fit.

1 Espand 94: 30% Video

According to ISNA, the presence of "Dia Mirza" and "Gulshan Grover" without the famous Indian cinema in the film project "Hello Bmyby", "Pune Mdylvn" and "Dalyp rehabilitation" of the other actors are Bollywood's first Album Cinema India Iranian director Mohammad joined al-Adha.

Espand 94: FOODSHAILI Benjamin wife gallantry in front of the camera.

The wife of Benjamin role against the singer in the film as a girl Hindi starring that, according to the FOODSHAILI fluent in several languages including Hindi language, all dialogue the actor in Hindi and in the story, a complicated romantic relationship between her and Bahador occurs.

27 Espand 94: Video "Salam Bombay" was in Tehran

 Video film "Salaam Bombay» Bollywood finished and causes the film to record the remaining sequences, was bound for Tehran.
25 September 95: the delay in release

Pour confirmed the news of the postponement of the release of "Hello Mumbai 'in Aynstagramsh said Mourning withdrew because of an interview! / In the Time of the Butterflies View Menu carrying four months after the barrier was opened in the summer / I said 23, and after 15 Aban said, and now say November too carefree!

3 Persian date Azar 95: Ticket 300 dollars Hi Mumbai

On the eve of the premiere of "Salam Bombay", a private screening of the film in the Tower with ticket sales of 300 million dollars will be held. At the ceremony in addition to movies, actors and stars of Hindi (which, according to producer 1 billion cost) are present as well as movie songs will be played live.

7 December - Hi Mumbai cancel the opening ceremony "in Tower

The filmmakers released a statement signed by Sir Mohammad Pour the director and the film's investors, the return of money to those who pre-purchase tickets to expensive events were reported. The reason for the cancellation of "non-issuance of the necessary permits that had already been made to coordinate it," said.

Persian date Bahman 23: Dubbed Hi Mumbai

Dubbed version of Persian date Bahman 24 started to release the Hi Mumbai. In this version of Genghis Jalilvand instead Reza cemetery and Khosrow Khosroshahi instead of Benjamin spoke gallantry. Maryam Shirzad, Soraya Ghasemi, Hossein Sufi, Amir Hakimi, Nasrullah Medqalchi, Saeid Mozaffari, H. mystical name of Dvblvrhay the film.
Release Date Salam Bombay

11 Azar 95 independent groups.

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First day sales: 600 million USD! Buy the first two days: 1 billion! Buy 15 First 5 billion! Buy the first 40 days: 11 billion! Buy Hi Mumbai to coincide with the festival of over 14 billion USD!

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Persian date Farvardin 96