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5 Tips For Marketing By A Millennial Entrepreneur Alan King (Alan Cheung.)

Dropping out of college to focus on a clothing brand may seem like putting career development in jeopardy. However, for Alan King (Alan Cheung), leaving college to focus on growing his first company, AKINGSNY was something he described as inevitable. Establishing brand recognition for his signature J shaped denim and other garments required great marketing strategies in a city like New York. Born and raised in New York City, the young entrepreneur is all too familiar with the omnipresence of billboards and advertisements. Alan’s focus like many others are straying away from billboards and consistent posters towards an era of digital marketing. Alan King shares how he decides to market AKINGSNY , and himself in an age of evolving marketing strategies.


Staying true to original ideas and values governs the way that people perceive you. I am told by some retailers sometimes to change my J cut to be more marketable on their shelves. While we do have straight legged jean styles we believe it is important to keep the brand true to how we started.


Remind your followers and target market that you exist and deserve their recognition. A brand can achieve recognition through daily scheduled posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter where your followers can feel your presence. The posts you make allow your audience to feel your presence and engage with your content.

Quality of Content

Posts aren’t enough to keep your followers engaged, and it is vital that you invest in your content. The moment that your followers engage with you is extremely limited. You have about five seconds until someone scrolls past your image. The moment someone forgets about those five seconds they spent with you on that picture, your post is meaningless. Therefore, the perception you make through the quality of your content gives people another reason to follow you.

Relating to Your Market

Show personality through posts and don’t be afraid to show preferences, likes, and dislikes. Don’t try to find a liking for everyone; it isn’t going to work. Instead, share your interests and passions with your followers, and you’ll see some people share your interests. Whether it be a particular taste in shoes or the styling of clothes, there are people out there share similar interests. Those investments are essential to human interaction and creating relationships which could potentially turn a follower into a possible friend or a client; or maybe even both.

Close on the Sale

Creating a website to sell items isn’t enough to attract sales. A constant reminder through social media links like “swipe ups” on Instagram to retweeted links prove functional in creating sale opportunities. Actively engaging and being true to your authenticity will bring more people who are interested in you / your product to you. Making sure your delivery is giving them as much as they are giving you.