Best streaming platforms


Streaming is so good as a career specially for the youngsters. Basically, streaming is broadcasting your game plays, talents, or activities to get paid and receive donations. For some, it pays so good that they make a very good living out of it. Streamers also get donations from their followers, therefore, they get more money. For that, you need to be famous and have a lot of followers, the more followers the more money you get. Getting followers can be so hard, yet so easy also. As you know, there are so many streaming platforms such as Twitch,Trovo, and Youtube. After choosing a platform that suits you, you need to get followers as soon as possible. You can either buy them, or just get lucky and have them.


Twitch is the biggest and most famous live streaming platform on the world. It has game, music, talents, and everything that can be streamed. Twitch focuses on video games live streaming, but it also includes other creative content.



Similar to Twitch, Trovo is a new live streaming platform recently created. It is a great platform to start with if you are new. Because it is created not long ago, the streamers on it are few. So, that makes it easier to gain followers on it. Starting with Trovo then going to Twitch is not a bad idea. You can also use it while being on Twitch too or other streaming platforms. Streaming in many platforms will help to grow your audience.


Youtube is a website to upload videos, but it also has a streaming option. You can also stream on Youtube like on Twitch. Streams on Youtube are mostly games, so that makes it like any other streaming platform except it is for games only. It still is a good choice to stream on. As a matter of fact, some streamers use Twitch and Youtube to stream at the same time for bigger audience and more viewers.

Is streaming a good career?

Some people got so famous and so rich from streaming that they could manage their own home and living situation. Yes, people could be in charge of their living situation, and also pay for their studies. If done right, it can make you very rich. But for that, you need to make countless hours of streaming. Sponsors might even notice you, and sponsor you which results in more money. So streaming is certainly an amazing career if you manage to get a big audience.


Usually, most of the streamers are the ones who are good at video games or just like to play for fun. However, there are many other streamers with talents. People who do not play video games may stream music if they are good with instruments or sining. Others may stream wood carving, painting, or drawing. There are all kind of streamers; it just depends on what they are good at.



Followers help you grow your audience so, the more followers you get the bigger your audience will be. Again, streaming career depends highly on how much followers you get. Being successful on streaming depends on how many followers you have. So, if your audience is big, you get even more followers and get so much fame. Getting followers at first may take time which is why many streamers just gave up. Also, followers can gift you followers ,so it all comes to one point: to have a streaming career you need followers as soon as you can.

How to get followers quickly?

Getting followers may seem so hard, but it is only hard at the beginning. That is why there is a website where you can buy followers. This website allows you to buy as many followers as you want. It is not cheating; it is how streaming platform work. In fact, many streamers buy followers, and most of the famous ones still buy them to get even more popular. You can get followers who found your stream by chance and liked watching it, or you can buy followers as an alternative. Buying followers or getting followers will give you more chances to be seen by other viewers. So, buying  means more views which also means getting more fame. This leads to even more audience and sponsors. This is an astounding way to get more popular in a short period of time.

How to use it?
The use to get followers from this website is as simple as it gets.