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NBA Basketball Team Goes Solar?


The NBA is a professional basketball organization that entertains audiences all around the world in basketball matches. But what are they doing with solar technologies? The Golden State Warriors located in sunny California have recently added solar panels to their clinic facilities. Here are three reasons why the Golden State Warriors have chosen to utilize solar panels for their practice facility.
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1. Solar setup will save the group $2 million in power prices

2. They will save over $36,000 in it's first year

3. Encouraging others to use solar technology

The Golden State Warriors are not the very first NBA team to utilize solar panels, the Phoenix Suns took action to getting solar technology installed in their centers back in 2008. The difference is Golden State Warriors are the leaders in solar technology amongst NBA teams. The President of the setup company, "The Solar Company", Mark Danenhower is extremely satisfied with this business deal. If any professional athletic team makes the decision to go solar they will most likely go with someone who has previously performed solar installations using a professional athletic staff.


This proves that solar technology is not only being employed for residential homes, it's also being used by professional athletic associations. This is a promising future for many businesses to follow the footsteps of this Golden State Warriors and taking action to save thousands if not millions of dollars by installing solar energy in their own facilities. If you're interested in saving money for your house than you ought to model the success of the others for saving money on their homes or facilities. This is supposed to be evidence that solar panels do make a difference to reducing your electrical bill.

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