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The Value Of Nutritional Testing

Benefits Of Testing Your Nutrition!

Have you ever considered the saying that you are what you eat and of course, if you are eating a well balanced and highly vibrational food, then your body should work at optimum levels? However, what if you have a very unhealthy diet and you consider yourself to be healthy on the outside, the truth may, of course, be different on the inside. Having your nutrition tested on a routine basis is far better and less invasive than other nutritional testing  and probably a lot safer.

Our American population assumes that if we have no aches or current illness, then we must be well. Many of us believe that if we have a routine physical every year that proclaims that we are in good health, never realizing that our body changes daily and before you feel any symptoms of a disease, you first get the disease - then the symptoms.

An example of this is waking up one day with a lump in your neck and finding out that you have lymphoma (cancer) or a woman wakes up in the morning and feels acute burning upon urination. In fact, she has a full blown urinary tract infection. So you see, taking charge of your health has to be done on a continuing basis.

The Bio Nutritional Testing works on your functional body chemistry and uses dietary, nutritional, herbal, homeopathic etc. supplements to keep the biochemistry in check. An example is for those that have a swimming pool. Don’t you have to check the PH, alkalinity, salts on a weekly basis to keep your water clear and free of bacteria?

Through proper, dietary and nutritional supplements that are given specifically for your individual body chemistry may lessen your chance of contracting a serious health problem. Remember your body’s demands keep changing due to age factors, hereditary factors, dietary factors and stress factors...
If you don’t want problems with your health, then choose to be healthy!
Because if you’re healthy, you can’t be sick!

Nutritional Testing and Evaluation

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