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Danger Of Loosing Trees

Danger Of Loosing Our Trees

The Danger of Losing Our Trees
Trees are are natural air conditioning systems , therefore, we need to look after them. Losing trees through either accidental, natural or deliberate means is known as deforestation. Many reasons can cause deforestation. Some of these reasons include development, logging for materials and also due to farming. The effect of deforestation is discussed below in detail.
Loss of habitat
One of the most dangerous effects of losing trees is the loss of plant and animal species due to the destruction of their habitats. A large number of the plants and animals in the world live in the forest and loss of trees destroys their habitat. The trees provide shelter and also regulate the temperature that is necessary for some species to survive. Deforestation, therefore, results in drastic temperature change, and becomes fatal for some inhabitants.
Increased greenhouse gasses
This is another environmental effect that is caused by loss of trees. From science, you can remember that trees take the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen. If the trees are cut down then, it will mean that the carbon dioxide will just remain in the atmosphere. This will be of effect to every living thing in the environment since the level of greenhouse gasses will increase.
Decrease of water in the atmosphere
Trees help in the regulation of the water cycle and thus control the water level in the atmosphere. When we lose trees then the water in the air will be less to be taken back to the soil. As a result, you will get drier soil with little ability to grow crops.
Flooding and soil erosion
Other effects of losing trees include coastal flooding and soil erosion. On top of the many benefits brought about by trees, they help to play the role of retaining the top soil as well as the water. This results in having many nutrients and sustains the life of the forest. Without these trees, the rain washes away the soil and the ground left behind is not able to sustain agriculture. Lack of trees can also cause flooding and most in the regions of the cost. Trees will lessen the impact of the winds and the waves that come as a result of storms. Without this vegetation’s then it is likely to get more damages caused by floods.
Destruction of homelands
When trees are cleared, or when trees are removed  they leave the earth exposed. This causes the destructions of innumerable species habitats. The indigenous people who depend on some of this species so as to have a sustainable life are damaged. Loss of trees has a direct and immediate effect on the modern world lifestyle. It is unfortunate that many people do not see to realize the immediacy of the results.
People should take individual responsibility to protect the trees so as to avoid all the above effects. All the clear cutting of trees should be eliminated to ensure that the trees remain intact. If the trees have to be cut then, the cutting should be balanced by planting new trees for replacement. The principle of cut one tree plant two should be applied. Maintenance of trees should be taken seriously, and everyone should advocate against deforestation.

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