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Asheville Chiropractor Is The Only Orthogonal Specialist In NC

David Nygaard - The Unique Asheville Chiropractor

Dr. David Nygaard is the owner of Atlas Chiropractic in the Orthogonal Technique – a gentle method of treating conditions derived from an imbalance in the cervical area. He has an MBA in human resources management and BS in Special Education.
David is one of less than 250 chiropractors in the world in this advanced specialty and who is also board certified. He has witnessed many of his patients that experienced self-healing in their bodies despite having complex conditions just through specialist Chiropractic Care.

Dedication to Chiropractic Care
He is a renowned Asheville Chiropractor and is dedicated to providing Chiropractic Care to those who experience suffering through cervical imbalance or other upper cervical conditions. 

He graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic in 1995, aged 40. He finished his clinical requirements for his studies a semester earlier and participated in an off-campus internship. He had the opportunity to work for seven months with Dr. Roy Sweat, iconoclast, and pioneer in the Chiropractic profession.  With the blessing of Doctor Sweat, he worked with other doctors as a field consultant. In this project, he helped other doctors to establish Atlas Orthogonal in their offices.

This unique opportunity to have studied with the founding father of the discipline is what David credits as the reason for his expertise at his clinic. With the encouragement and support of Dr. Sweat, he co-authored two articles that were published with one of them being published in a journal that was peer referenced at the time.

Why Choose Orthogonal Treatment From This Asheville Chiropractor

Orthogonal Treatment is focused on the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of conditions and injuries associated with the nervous and musculoskeletal with greater emphasis on the spine. This is an alternative treatment to choose if drugs are not your option. Chiropractic Treatment  aims at improving and reducing painful symptoms. Chiropractic treatments also aim to educate patients to maintain their overall wellness and health by properly practicing ergonomics, exercises, and stretches.

You can think of it as complementary medicine meant to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself naturally, without needing drugs, surgery or medication. The therapy focuses on the relationship between the nervous system and the spine. 

Nerves found within the body can be affected by bio-mechanical derangement of the vertebral bones.  When that happens, chiropractic reduces the pressure exerted on the neurological tissue in order to restore the structural integrity of the spinal cord and better the nervous system function to restore the well being of the patient. A chiropractor re-establishes the integrity of the spine and improves the function of the nervous system.

The chiropractic doctor reduces the pressure on the neurological tissues. This helps promote the structural integrity of the spine and improves the function of the nervous system. This is what will ultimately restore the well-being of the patient. The mobility of the spine is restored in this treatment, and it alleviates inflammation and irritation on the structures surrounding the spine.

Expectations at our Asheville Chiropractic Center

Your body should heal without the use drugs that often mask symptoms. At our clinic, we diagnose your particular health issues by giving you a correct diagnosis and definition of your health concern. You can expect our therapies to restore the health of the entire body for long-term vitality. The body has an amazing ability to heal from the inside out. Therefore, what we do is help your body to activate it's natural healing process, to help it remember how it can heal.