Millennial Health

Top tips to improve and balance overall health

Of all the gifts we can give ourselves, taking care of ourselves is one of the most powerful and important of them all. Our body is the one sole constant throughout the entirety of our life; our body literally carries us through an entire lifetime. We only have one body, so it is in our best interest to ensure that it is in the best shape that it can be, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Regardless of what kind of lifestyle any of us live, we can all agree on one constant: our health can alter a lot of aspects of life. The more control we have over our own life, the more we dictate what we can do with that life.

We are always seeking the latest health news, hoping that we are on the right path to achieving or maintaining the best personal health that we possibly can. There are three general rules of thumb that every single person should aim to follow.

Each of these handy tips can mean the difference between being on the verge of potentially harmful imbalance, and being safely in the green zone.

1.     Be conscious of what you fuel your body with
We have all heard the saying, “you are what you eat”, and that saying could not be truer. We choose what we eat for most – if not all – of our meals, and the ingredients that we choose to add have different impacts on our bodies, depending on what they are. Fast food, for example, is often drenched in oil and unhealthy fats, and thus has a decidedly negative impact on our bodies in comparison to fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Food is not the only thing we ingest and use to fuel our bodies. we should also try to limit our alcohol consumption and avoid smoking as much as possible. Our bodies are not designed to handle these toxins, so choosing to put them into our bodies has several potential health risks, all of which are commonly spoken about.

2.     The human body is designed to move
Exercise is the key to a healthy body. While what we eat has a massive impact on the conditions of our bodies, another thing that impacts us significantly is our body’s ability to engage in and perform well during physical exercise.

We all want to think that we are the fastest, the strongest, and the most capable. Engaging in at least three hours of physical activity a week goes a long way, and can improve the overall condition of the body dramatically. Not only is physical exercise good for the physical body, but it is scientifically proven to make us feel better as well – which is an obvious win-win.

3.     Fall into the quiet...meditation and yoga are your best friends
Most physical exercise is designed to push us to our limits, but meditation and yoga are designed to slow us down. This is not to say that either exercise is not physically demanding, because it is. What it means is simply that these two exercises are known for stabilising the mental sense of self and relaxing the body, while simultaneously working out the physical body.

The biggest difference between these two forms of exercise and other, more strenuous forms of exercise is that the movements in both mediation are more deliberate and often more slow-burning. Make no mistake, however – meditation and yoga are both proven to be incredibly effective forms of exercise…for both the body and the brain.