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5 Reasons Why Humanity Needs a Peek Beyond Modern Medicinal Science

Human health has gone beyond the shackles of dietary habits. There once was a time when disease and illness could cut short the life span of individuals just because there was no alternative that could help avoid health issues. However, with medical advancements that can help identify and cure several human illnesses, medicinal drugs have helped extend lifespan and create an overall comfortable living for humans across the globe. Yet, there exist misconceptions around the usage of medicinal drugs. Beyond these misconceptions, the use of medicinal drugs cannot and does not guarantee great health. Why?

1.Medicines are Quick-Fixes

Prescription drugs are designed to dissolve in our bloodstream and then circulate throughout the body while being assisted by the nervous system. The effects of most prescription drugs is then felt until their remnants stay in the bloodstream. Thus, common viral and bacterial diseases are dealt with on a segregated basis. This doesn't and cannot guarantee long tern immunity except in certain cases like Hepatitis, Polio, etc.

2. Nothing Beats Great Immunity

It is no secret that the human body has its very own immune system, built to ward off the foreign pathogens and germs that infiltrate the body via sensory or other means. This immunity is a permanent defense unlike stop-gap solutions like medicinal doses. The medicinal industry works on precision drugs more often than not, rather than full throttle focus on our entire biological health code.

3. The Legacy of Homo Sapiens

Humans, as a species, have conventionally relied on natural sources to heal and cure diseases and common ailments. However, with the advent of the modern age, things have changed, thanks to the medicinal revolution that helped create chemical solutions and biological reactors that pick up wherever and whenever the human immunity falters. But, as a species, our vulnerability to diseases has increased over time rather than improving. Natural sources, from which we have stayed afar, comprise the better answer, except in certain last-resort, life-threatening conditions.

4. Exceptions Cannot Define the Rule of Thumb

Natural and/or herbal sources are almost always considered as an alternative to modern chemical medicines. This is partly due to our reliance on getting quick results while cutting slack with our actual lifestyle. This is also the reason why we have to bring about a complete change in perspective and introduce healthy living into our stressful lifestyles. Modern medicines are meant to cure, while a balanced lifestyle and natural dietary sources are meant to strengthen and prepare the body biologically.

5. The Flip Side of the Coin is Ugly

The revolution in the field of drugs has also created a situation wherein over-the-counter medications or prescriptions are also used for purposes they were originally not meant for. This has given rise to drug addiction of multiple kinds - plaguing countries across the globe. Natural therapy and social awareness have stood as two of the strongest pillars in controlling this menace. Communities have been trying to ward-off and fight cocaine addiction with Ibogaine treatment, prevent meth empire build-ups, and even work on emotional aspect by focusing on more cohesive family interactions.
Yes, the medicinal industry has served as one of the most significant allies to the development of human kind by helping cure diseases which where once incurable. But rather than relying on medicines when on the verge of health issues, humans need to learn to adapt their stressful lifestyle and act on biological preparedness towards diseases, age, and even common ailments.