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Why antivirus software is a stronger investment than ever

Our cybersecurity has been in danger of near-constant threats since the dawn of the internet burst into fruition. Though it seems like only yesterday, the internet first came to be twenty-seven years ago. This realisation of the internet’s maturity in the world has brought with it the subsequent realisation that not only is the internet more advanced in its lifespan than most consciously realise, but the potential dangers associated with internet use are also farther along in their lifespan than we care to admit. 
The rise of the internet as a global craze brought with it many dangers and potential risks, one of the most present being cyber hackers. There has been a great deal of emphasis on these threats at a shallow level, and yet not much information on why they pose said threats or how to protect ourselves against said threats. The solution, in most cases, is total av free integration.
What is a threat to online security?
In short, a threat to an individual’s online security refers to anything that results from cyber hacker activity, human error, or even the tiniest of essence of eliminated threats. For example, hackers use intricate cyberattacks to target users’ personal and sensitive information (like bank account information or business information). The theft of this information can be used to steal business ideas, personal identities, and money (among other things).
The rapid evolution of the internet provided an entirely new worldwide delivery system that allows the world to communicate effectively in real-time, but it also introduced the world to cyberattacks and increasing hacker activity.
What is antivirus software?
Antivirus technology is essentially a type of virtual shield that protects your device – and you – from online attacks, ranging from viruses, malware, Trojans, and clickjacking (among other things). At its core, antivirus software is designed to form a digital wall between a user’s data and entire device, and the attack that is attempting to penetrate that wall.
Think of antivirus software like a superhero’s shield, or a wizard’s cloak of invisibility – while the software does not necessarily eliminate online threats at their roots, it is the perfect protective measure to efficiently eliminate the chance of the threat to penetrate one’s device. 
Why do I need antivirus software?
Online privacy is more important to the modern consumer than it has ever been in the past. A device without antivirus software offers no protection and the results can and are often devastating for the user. A device that does have antivirus software installed into it, however, offers a cloak around that device, effectively shielding it from even the most basic of attacks – just because a cyberattack starts small-scale, does not mean that it cannot evolve.
Additionally, a threat to online security could be the weak organisation and security of an ecommerce business’ consumer handling information. The same concept can and does apply to the online security of companies, institutions, and even whole industries. As the world becomes increasingly technologically-dependent, it also becomes a gateway for increasingly intelligent cyberattacks - protection is necessary.  It is for this reason that antivirus software and other online activity protective measures are so important to the modern user.